FAQs – Paint Properties & Characteristics

QCan Best Exterior Paint Ceramic Extended Life be tinted to any color?

Best Exterior Paint can almost be tinted to any color. We don’t recommend tinting to extremely dark colors because it could cause a breakdown in the performance of the paint. Essentially, the more a product is tinted the less it will perform as needed…this is true of all exterior house paints. Tinting is not recommended where colorant exceeds 8% of the total volume, which is approximately 10.25 oz. per gallon. This applies to 95% of the most commonly used colors. Although you can buy all bases to tint the Best Exterior Paint locally, we recommend that we tint for you at no additional charge so, your product arrives ready to go!

QIs Best Exterior Paint available in different bases?

Yes, four different bases are available: Pastel, Medium, Deep and Accent. These bases can be tinted to almost any color that paint can be tinted.

QI have a beach house.. Will Best Exterior Paint hold up in a beach environment?

Yes. Our product was formulated, developed and tested in the Coastal South East region. Best Exterior Paint can stand up to harsh weather and is ideal for use on homes that are faced with high winds, salty air, as well as protect against the effects of wind-blown sand.

QWhat products compare to Best Exterior Paint?

There is not a product available on the market today that compares to Best Exterior Paint.

Best Exterior Paint has earned high marks in high performance architectural coatings and no other company has been able to match its unique formulation. It has been noted that many other companies use Best Exterior Paint as a method for benchmarking their own products and even though many competitors have added ceramic powders, vinyl and other plastics to their products, none of these products have exhibited the longevity, performance or energy flow resistance that users of Best Exterior Paint have come to know and trust. The Best Exterior Paint manufacturing team has 40+ years of product experience and has a reputation for quality, long-lasting products.

QWhat type of warranty is offered by Best Exterior Paint?

Best Exterior Paint will guarantee your complete satisfaction with your Best Exterior Paint System. The Best Exterior Paint will yield a 10-12 mil dry film thickness for an extended period of time when properly applied to a clean, dry and sound substrate that continues to function in the way it was originally intended.

Additionally, paint and primer must be applied within industry standards for the warranty to apply.

QAre there any advantages to coating a brick home with Best Exterior Paint?

Yes, your house will be even more beautiful and will be more energy efficient. While brick is an insulator, it also can absorb a high amount of UV rays during the day. During the summer, heat can release itself into your house causing your air conditioner to run non-stop and make your energy bill rise.

When you coat your house with Best Exterior Paint, you can actually help reflect the heat with a lighter color. While some customers have experienced a savings on their energy bill, no official study has been completed to prove this. A helpful tip for brick homeowners who are considering using Best Exterior Paint…always choose white or a light color, like beige. It won’t only help increase your curb appeal; it will also help reflect the rays of the sun.

QCan Best Exterior Paint be used as an insulator?

Best Exterior Paint is not advertised as an insulator nor does in have “insulative” characteristics. While our product can help reduce the flow of energy from a house and prevent heat being trapped in the walls from outside sources, no official study has been done to prove that Best Exterior Paint is a proven insulator.