FAQs – Best Exterior Ever Bond Primer

QHow much preparation must I engage in before I decide to paint?

It is important that you prepare for painting as you normally would. Please make sure to follow all normal safety and paint preparation tips to ensure a quality job is done.
Follow these steps for the best results:

  • Thoroughly wash and remove dirt from all surfaces.
  • Remove and/or replace any wood that shows signed of rotting or damage.
  • Eliminate signs of rust.
  • Scrape and/or sand to attain smoothness. This can be done to match your particular perspective.
  • Caulk where needed.
  • Sand glossy areas/surfaces as needed.
  • Plan for enough time to ensure surfaces are dry before painting.
  • Apply Best Exterior Ever Bond Primer to targeted areas.

QWhy was Best Exterior Ever-Bond Developed? Why is this product so special?

The Best Exterior Ever-Bond Primer was a product that was created to complement the Best Exterior Paint system. We wanted to provide a product that would assist contractors and property owners stabilize problem areas. There is not another product available today that is able to do the job that Best Exterior Ever-Bond is able to do. With this product the long term issue of what to do over peeling paint, cracking plaster and wallboard, stucco and rusting metal is resolved.

While many primers on the market become brittle and do not have the capability of flexing or changing when exposed to sun, rain, snow, high and low humidity, Best Exterior Ever-Bond has the ability to live up to these challenges. Our product is one-of-a-kind as its ability to stick and serve as an adhesive combats problem areas. Paint will instantly bond with any surface.

Best Exterior Ever-Bond Primer connects at an incredible 300 PSI and can flex 300%. The product contracts in the cold, expands when heated, and breathes. Additionally, it can also prevent some problems related to rust and tannin bleed.

QCan Best Exterior Ever-Bond stop rust?

One of the primary components of Best Exterior Ever-Bond is its flash rust blocking inhibitors. This ingredient has the ability to stop metal from rusting and also contains water-based coating that helps dry a surface.
Because of this the rust cannot bleed from coating pinholes and because the primer can flex, oxygen is prevented from accessing the metal surface.

QHow thick is the primer supposed to go on?

You can coat 250 sq. ft per gallon. It is best to put on one coat. However, if there is an area of your project that has a history of experiencing problems or being unstable, it might be wise to apply an extra coat, just in case.


QCan Best Exterior Ever-Bond stop tannin?

When the primer is used, a reduction or complete elimination of light to medium tannin bleed problems will be experienced. In order for the process to be most effective, apply two coats of primer and allow for overnight drying to occur before applying the top coat of paint. It is important to remember to test a portion of your project to make sure it is working and then continue on with the rest of the project.

QHow should I apply Best Exterior Ever-Bond Primer?

It is best to use a brush, roller or spray application when using this product.

QWhere can Best Exterior Primer be used?

The product can be used any area that needs to be stabilized before painting or plaster jobs. It can be used on metal, wood, stucco and concrete. Some of the best places to use Best Exterior Ever-Bond Primer are:

  • Wood siding
  • Plywood surfaces
  • Railing and nail heads…with or without rust
  • Cracking plaster
  • Drywall
  • Window sills
  • Door frames
  • Stucco surfaces
  • Galvanized surfaces, including ducts, pipes and railings
  • Deck railings or barriers

QWhat is the drying time?

The primer has a milky appearance when applied, but will dry clear in one hour. If you are applying in a wet or cold condition, make sure you allow for a longer amount of drying time.

QWill the primer feel “tacky” after it dries?

Yes, while it may be dry, it is the glue-like feeling that will allow the product to combat unstable areas and hold the top coat to the surface.

QCan Best Exterior Ever-Bond be used to prime under any type of top coat?

Yes, but the product works best when complimented with Best Exterior Paint.